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  • Congratulations to all the participant students of G.B.Memorial Institution in Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF)

    Congratulations to all the participant students of G.B.Memorial Institution in Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF) - International English Olympiad, organized by British Council in October 2017.

    In the above Mentioned examination 10 students had participated, among them 8 students got Gold Medals for being the zonal toppers and 2 Gold medals for being school toppers.

    We are proud of your great achievement. May God bless you all.
  • 2018 Annual Sports celebrated by G.B. Memorial Institution

    The Annual Athletes Meet '2018' of G.B Memorial Institution was held with all its usual vigor and enthusiasm on 24th January, 2018 at the school ground.

    The days proceedings began with the march - past by more than 500 students of classes IV to XI, with the house captains and vice captains leading the four different houses with their flags. The events began with the Pre nursery and nursery children participating in 'Go-as-you-like' and 'Toffy race' and later each and every participants were given prizes. Next the K.G.I and K.G.II kids had 'Toffy race' and 'Biscuit race'. They were cheered by all the other students and guardians.

    Then began the events of junior school with Class I boys in 'colour and run' and girls 'pick the ball and run'. There was a roll of laughter when the Class II boys started the frog race. Classes III, IV, V also had 'math race' together with 'spoon and marble' , 'Lace the Shoe and Run'.

    The Middle school students of class VI participated in 'Skip and Run' and 'Hop and Run'. Class VII boys had a touch competition in 'flat race'. However the girls enjoyed their 'Balance Race'. The Class VIII boys showed their keen aim in participating 'Hit the wicket' and girls showed their minute attention in 'Thread the needle'.
    The secondary section of Class IX and X boys tried their utmost in 'Flat Race'. And the IX, X girls showed their enthusiasm in 'Basket the ball' and in 'Memory game'.

    Each and every event had a winner, first runner up and second runner up. During the prize distribution the winners were applauded by the students, teachers and the numerous guardian's present on the ground. The day ended with a cheerful note, heralding the year 2018, also filled with promises for another upcoming.
  • 2017 Annual Program

  • 2017 Exhibition

    Like every year, the students organized an exhibition during Saraswati Pujo. They came up with models, projects and charts depicting various scientific phenomena and concepts. They were also explaining these concepts to the attendees with elan making it simple for one and all. Dr Asim Majumder and Sri Sudhir Banerjee inaugurated exhibition. This exhibition was attended by all students, guardians as well as other eminent personalities.All who attended the exhibition appreciated the way students were able to apply textbook concepts into real life and explain them with such finesse, which demonstrates their knowledge and understanding of subject matter.

    Comment by Ms. Aditi Roy, Faculty of WB Govt. Primary Teacher Training Institute - “Arriving at G.B.Mermorial Institution on Saraswati Puja, I was taken into a surprisingly satisfying journey by the students of the institution. Amongst all the hustle bustle of the festival the exhibition and the contextual deliberation of students reflected the dedication, commitment and all the hard work of the students under the guidance of the teachers. The exhibition showcased hands-on experience of the students with Teaching, Learning- Material (TLM), conceptual learning and execution of the relevant projects that was spread across the curriculum, so much in sync with the modern pedagogy. The students were confident and spoke with clarity and proper diction, in which ever language they were using. Their language skills were amazing especially English. Congratulations to the Headmistress and her efficient team of teachers and best wishes to all the students of GBMI for their beautiful work.”
  • 2017 Annual Sports celebrated by G.B. Memorial Institution

    The school hosted the Annual Sports Day on January 23, 2017. To start the day, the students paid their homage to our Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. This was followed by the well-coordinated March Past and Flag Hoisting.

    There were various events filled with fun and frolic for the students of the junior section. Some of the events that caught everyone’s attention - Go-As- You-Like’ by the toddlers, Math Race, Sack Race, Frog Race, Spoon and Marble Race, Pick and Run Race etc. The senior sections had events cut out for them, where they participated with great enthusiasm and elan. There were separate events for the teachers as well, which was equally exciting for the students, when they witnessed their teachers in a different role for a day.

    The participants were cheered by their guardians who turned up in huge numbers and the show was enjoyed by one and all. Overall a great way to celebrate the Annual Sports and Netaji Jayanti for the students of the school.
  • 2016 Exhibition

    The school students organized an exhibition on the day of Saraswati Pujo to put into life different principles and models that they have studied so far. The exhibition witnessed enthusiastic participation from all the departments, i.e. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Geography, History, English, Bengali, Hindi. Along with these departments; the kids section also put up a demonstration of models from their text books, which attracted a lot of attention.

    The exhibition, spread over three floors, was well attended by other students, guardians as well as visitors from outside, to whom the students explained with elan how their text book materials actually work, through charts, working models and demonstration sessions. The exhibition was appreciated by one and all and displayed the depth of learning and how students are able to apply their knowledge into effect in real life.
  • 2016 Annual Sports celebrated by G.B. Memorial Institution

    Students of the school celebrated their Annual Sprots Day with tremendous enthusiasm and put up their best show at display. The event saw a huge participation and spirited performance – highlighting the motto that “winning or losing does not matter – but it is participation that matters.

    The event started on a patriotic note, with our national flag being hoisted by Sri Mrinal Kanti Majumder, former Headmaster of Iswar Chandra Mitra School, our Chief Guest and our Headmistress Smt Bhagabati Mitra. At the onset, it was little ones from Classes Pre-Nursery to Class – IV put up a stellar show in events like go as you like, Biscuit Race, Frog Race, Shoe Race, Flat Race, Sum Race and so on. The senior students of Classes V and above had events like Tie the Eye and Walk, Flat Race, Musical Ball, Orange Race, Marble and Spoon Race, Memory race, Thread the Needle race etc.

    All participants were actively cheered by hundreds of guardians – who turned up to encourage their respective wards. The young ones had great fun in front of their parents, grand parents and other elders from the family. Overall it was a day of enjoyment for all. When everyone had fun, why would the teachers be left behind? Teachers and non-teaching staff of the school had their moment also, when they had Musical Ball and Walking Race. At the end of the day, prizes (sponsored by The Telegraph / TTIS) were given out to all successful participants.
  • 2015 Annual Program

    The students of G.B. Memorial Institution celebrated their annual function and prize distribution ceremony on the last day of January with pomp and grandeur. The day started with the students putting up a scintillating performance on the Tagore song “Aguner Parashmoni Choao Pran e”. This was followed by the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Guests and our Headmistress Smt Bhagabati Mitra.

    The event was graced by the august presence of eminent dignitaries like Sri Nilachal Chattoraj, former senior teacher of Don Bosco, Park Circus, Dr Asim Kumar Majumder, President of G.B. Memorial Institution, who encourages the students with motivational words and words of wisdom which the students can put in use in real life to emerge as a better human being. The students and teachers thanked the dignitaries for their kind words and provided a token gift to appreciate their kind gesture of being present at the event.

    Then came the prize distribution ceremony, where students were given out the prizes for their achievements in academics and demonstration of overall excellence. Class IX received the best class award, for their all-round performance. This was followed by the acts presented by students of various classes – first of which was rendition of Ganesh Vandana, to indiciate an auspicious start for the cultural extravaganza. The students from all classes (Nursery to XI) put up acts – performing to nursery rhymes, songs, dance performances, drama, recitation, yoga performance and so on. They demonstrated how well they have been groomed, not just in academics but in various other cultural facets, The guests present in the occasion appreciated the show put up by the students, and commended them for their all-round excellence – in sync with the motto of the school – all round development of students.

    The program ended with all paying their homage to our country and rendering “Jana Gana Mana” together. Overall the students shone through the evening and presented an evening to remember.
  • Saraswati Pujo, 2015

    The school celebrated Saraswati Pujo on January 24th, 2015. Students from all classes, dressed in traditional wear, were present to pay their homage to the Goddess of Learning. The festival was observed with pomp and grandeur, followed by distribution of Prasad to the students. Along with the Pujo, there was an art exhibition where students presented their art works and handicrafts. The event was supported by The Telegraph.
  • Annual Sports, 2015

    The school celebrated its Annual Sports on January 23rd, 2015. The Sports was organized at School Grounds, and saw wide participation from students across classes. Students participated with enthusiasm, as they presented various drills and activities to those present for the occasion. The event was organized in partnership with Young Metro.
  • Annual Program, 2014

    G.B. Memorial Institution celebrated its annual function on December 21, 2014. Along with annual function, students who made their school proud through commendable performance in various Board / competitive examinations were felicitated.
    The event was attended by around 4,000 guardians and/ well-wishers who were witness to a mesmerizing performance by the current students of the school. Students from across classes performed in the program, and made it a memorable evening for all. The highlight of the evening were the dance-dramas:
    • Ritu – Rango - by students of Nursery – Class – III
    • Homage the legendary Kaji Nazrul Islam - by students of Class – IV to Class – VIII
    • Durga Durgotinashini – by students of Class IX – Class XI
    Students from nursery classes presented popular nursery rhymes – they danced to their heart’s content to the Humpty – Dumpties and London bridges, which had the audience break out in laughter. Students from senior performed to some of Tagore’s immortal creations, clearly depicting that they are deep into our roots, and Bengali culture, and cultivate these traits with equal emphasis, along with their studies.

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