About US - Values

  • Our three primary values:

    • Knowledge
    • Honesty
    • Courage

We encourage our students to live by our values, as we believe these are the values that will help build the citizen for tomorrow.

It is said that the most that an individual learns is during the childhood days. As a practice, we encourage the thirst for knowledge amongst our students, and set them on the path where they can further enhance their knowledge - not just through books, but through self learning.

Students are encouraged to learn from books, through experiments / practicals and also from their peers, which leads to their holistic development.

The second value that we practice is honesty. There is no shortcut to success, and it is imperative to build this value amongst all students to enable them to succedd in their future life. There can not be any compromise on honestly for an individual at any point in his life, and we build that value amongst our students.

The third value for our students is Courage, courage to learn, courage to ask questions, courage to explore the unexplored, courage to define what is right and what set the right aside from the wrong, and most importantly, courage to become the right future citizen for the country.

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